Idea Validation

Let's convert your hypothesis about product, market, and customers into facts!
Don't ask family and friends for idea validation, they are biased. Work with us in evaluating your startup idea!


Hypothesis Discovery 

We start by sitting with you and listing all your hypothesis about your product, market and customer and based on that we start your idea analysis journey. 
Our custom build plug and play tools helps in capturing every aspect of your hypothesis in an articulated manner.


Market Analysis

In order to dominate a market, thorough market research is required!
At TheStartupBros. we are the pros at market analysis and our team uses proven techniques for gathering qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate the overall situation and structure of the market, which in turn helps you navigate through the possibilities of ensuring long term strategic gains for your startup.


Financial Analysis 

Will it fly or Die? Are you too optimistic about your expected revenue without proof? 
We perform a rigorous financial analysis for your startup which includes everything from startup cost to revenue to ROI to break even. 


MVP Scoping

We at TheStartupBros. believe that MVP scoping is a process of working backwards from your business goals to product features. 
Our team of experts would work with you to iteratively reduce scope to make your product simple, minimalistic and agile. 
As per the lean startup model we will test, learn and adapt. 


Launch Plan 

Launch is not a D-day that we entrepreneur work towards, it is a process that we do continually.
Launch again and again! 
Our team will generate a launch plan for you so that you can execute, evaluate and learn at super speed and low cost!


Performance Analysis Plan - KPI's and Metrics 

If you can't track it, you can't mange it!No KPI's are same, and that is why our team generate a list of KPI's and metrics specific to your product so that you can measure, analyze and grow organically using data, rather than blindly swinging the bat.

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